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Newsletter – LogiLink Enhanced System Utilities

We are thrilled to introduce significant enhancements to LogiLink’s Saas platform designed to empower your use of LogiLink’s system with unprecedented control and efficiency. 

Read on to discover the key benefits of our latest system upgrades:

Access Controls / User Permissions

LogiLink’s tiered multi-level user controls console has undergone a transformation, placing additional access controls at the system administrator’s fingertips.

  • Granular Control: Seamlessly switch on/off user access to a myriad of utility functions and tools and set access limits/exclusions for specific data, reports, and financials.
  • Unique Tiered Access: Experience the uniqueness of LogiLink’s tiered multi-level access controls, providing OEM/white label administrators with managerial oversight of clients, agents, partners, hubs, and suppliers within their ecosystem. Enterprise client administrators also enjoy comprehensive control over their ecosystems.
  • Intuitive Management: Administrators can effortlessly manage user access through an intuitive control panel, ensuring a smooth and streamlined experience.
  • Security Assurance: In the face of security threats, LogiLink offers immediate suspension of access for any and all users. Recurring alerts and regular password change reminders add an extra layer of security.
  • Future Plans: Stay ahead with our upcoming dashboard for monitoring unusual activity, providing early warnings and heightened security monitoring.

Data Import Compatibility & Upload Dashboard

LogiLink recognizes the diversity of data formats and the challenges that come with it. Our enhanced compatibility functionalities ensure a seamless data import experience.

  • Flexible Data Capture: LogiLink is flexible in being able to capture data in various forms such as text, CSV, xlxs, and Google Sheets effortlessly.
  • Advanced Filtering: Utilise our advanced filter ‘interpretation’ tools to configure and format data for upload.
  • Error Resolution: The compatibility dashboard offers a detailed report on each file upload allowing easy identification and resolution of any errors. Modify or delete error records as needed.

Advanced Directory / Library

Manage products, stock items, and SKUs with unprecedented flexibility.

  • On-the-Fly Additions: For clients with differing priorities, LogiLink introduces ‘bespoke’ stock update actions accessible from a drop-down menu facilitating on-the-fly additions of stock items.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Identify stock items in LogiLink and synchronise a range of actions to streamline advanced workflows.
  • Creative Architecture: Explore LogiLink’s flexible and creative architecture offering customisation options for specific users or groups. Access regularly used functions through shortcuts for easy data store management.

We invite you to experience these benefits firsthand through a personalised demonstration. Contact us at or book an appointment at your convenience. Elevate your logistics experience with LogiLink!

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