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LogiLink is a creative and innovative app & solutions development channel.

We welcome software developers to join our collaborative programme to engineer customised solutions for clients and program state-of-the-art apps to launch in our apps store.

Service partners are invited to apply to be a member of our community to jointly service clients as well as provide reciprocal services and benefits to our respective clients.

Clients of LogiLink and its service partners with in-house tech teams are encouraged to attend LogiLink’s tech training sessions for low-code programming and sharing expertise and best practice for scenario, conditioning and blend developments.

LogiLink is open to ideas and solutions that solve trade & commerce’s most intractable problems. Our current focus is on the sectors outlined below. 


Explore with us the power of harnessing AI and humanising its many potential uses.

Expand and add to the functionality of our e-billing, cost-comparison, duty & tax calculators, supplier invoice reconciliation, quoting, claims processing, COD APPs

Global trade & commerce demands constant evaluation and enhancements to the LogiCon shipping platform. The development journey is continuous.


The challenges of cross-border trade with its myriad of regional complexities requires a special type of discipline. Clients greatly appreciate dynamic solutions.


The Third party / BPO  ‘industry’ is a hotbed of activity. Multiple clients, with multiple requirements ensures a long pipeline of opportunity.


Secure systems are under constant review to ensure prompt implementation of the latest standards. We also look for support to test for industry system flaws.

Internet of Things

Connecting the multitude of silos surrounding the constant growth of the IoT is a large yet separate part of our logistics challenges.

Business Intelligence

Developing apps for intelligence led active data management of both mass fragmented and dedicated data repositories is a most intellectually rewarding endeavour.

Exploring complete solutions such as unique product life-cycle management; product re-use, recycling & replacement and product upgrades.

LogiLink is a collaborative collective and we invite developers and service partners to our community.